Armory, Product Designer
Feb 2021-Nov 2022
    Led the design of Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service, a SaaS for safe, reliable deployments using Kubernetes
    Collaborated cross-functionally with product managers, engineers, and other stakeholders, from product ideation to launch
    Designed and iterated on low and high-fidelity mockups to balance both user needs and technical feasibility
    Established design processes and influenced the growth of UX maturity within the product and engineering teams
    Coordinated migration to a modern React component library to improve engineering efficiency and reduce technical debt
    Conducted real-time UX research sessions with participants to discover painpoints and build evidence to support new work
    Directed key improvements to user onboarding which increased basic funnel success by close to 40% after launch
    Grew the product team by hiring and onboarding the company's first dedicated UI designer
Microsoft, Product Manager
Jul 2015-Sept 2020
    Led cross-functional projects for mobile developer tools and SDKs, including .NET MAUI and Visual Studio
    Launched an overhaul to the new user experience for .NET MAUI developers, increasing onboarding success rates
    Conducted large scale user surveys, 1:1 interviews, and analyzed telemetry data to discover growth opportunities
    Designed mockups and prototypes in Figma as part of defining improvements to common Visual Studio user workflows
    Developed and published sample applications to demonstrate and highlight new API functionality within the SDK
    Engaged with and championed for members of the open-source community to prioritize the highest impact work
    Wrote content for Microsoft's developer blog to announce new releases and upcoming features
    Contributed features and bug fixes to .NET MAUI, addressing the Android, iOS, and Windows platforms
Contract / Freelance, Software Engineer
Aug 2013-Jul 2015
    Worked at companies focusing on both client and consumer products targeting both the web and mobile platforms
    Participated in all aspects of the software development lifecycle from planning to deployment
    Utilized various programming languages and frameworks including Ruby/Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Scala, and C#/.NET